About Us

J. Fanelli Properties LLC (“JFP”) is a West Coast real estate company focused on real estate investments, development, asset management and providing strategic advisory services to various real estate concerns and stakeholders.

We have developed, financed, managed and/or transacted as principals, developers and/or strategic advisors on nearly $1 billion worth of residential, commercial, and/or industrial real estate properties involving over 100 projects and transactions.

The firm’s principals have over 30 years of experience managing real estate investments and development projects on the West Coast. The principals also advise financial institutions and institutional investors, in all matters related to acquisition, development, management, and sale of real estate. We bring our expertise from years in real estate investment banking, development, asset management, and background in executive leadership roles, to create and add value to our investors and advisory clients.

Our strengths lie in our breadth of experience managing the full life cycle of property development, as property owners and partners, and operators. We pride ourselves in our integrity, exceptional reputation, professional relationships, and track-record investing, developing, and managing simple to complex real estate projects.

Through its affiliate JFP Advisory Group, a real estate advisory services arm, the firm leverages its real estate expertise to assist other real estate concerns with recognizing opportunities, creating strategies, executing business plans, and managing assets. The firm’s professionals have been engaged in a variety of development projects, completed numerous advisory and asset management assignments, and served as a receiver in California, Washington, and Oregon, managing over $100 million in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate assets.

J. Fanelli Properties, LLC seeks real estate investment opportunities on the West Coast, while JFP Advisory Group continues to offer strategic advisory and asset management services.